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you're invited!

Join Veterans Community Project and over 700 community and civic leaders this Veteran’s Day weekend for a fun-filled evening of dinner, dancing, and one-of-a-kind auction items as we celebrate a major milestone: the completion of VCP Village at 89th and Troost! The village will include 49 tiny houses for homeless Veterans and a new community center to serve as the resident's "base camp." 


Using Kansas City as a blueprint, VCP will soon break ground on our first expansion city in Longmont, Colorado. Over the next 3 years, we will build VCP Villages in 7 additional communities with the goal of fighting Veteran homelessness nationwide. 


You are a critical part of this mission! Your sponsorship and support of The House Party ensures Veterans have access to housing, emergency resources, education and training, employment supports and most importantly, a hope for the future. 

Mark your calendar for October 1st...on-line bidding for the House Party Silent Auction begins then on this site!  Please share the the link ( with your friends so we can blow the roof off this year's event. 


We look forward to celebrating with you in November!

Bryan Meyer

Co-Founder and CEO
Veterans Community Project

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